Saturday, 6 January 2018

Rapid Fire! 20mm D-Day, the British Beaches (part 8) - Britannia German trawler

The Britannia German (ex-French) trawler is always a possibility to show up close to any beach of D-Day or even close to Pegasus bridge and disturb the allied landings. In reality I don't think it would harm that much in any wargame. The reason for the sucess of the Britannia trawler is that its an absolutely gorgeous piece of modelling for wargames. After all I think most of us start an OB with this kind of interest more than 'I'm sure I'll win with this one!'.
I started my German Navy with the nice Airfix S-7 Schnellboot that you can see here
but the German trawler can go down into rivers and even catch some fish and improve the strained German supplies.
Who could resist to those new figures and guns? So, defenceless, instead of surrendering I bought it.


  1. Great looking ship. One I've long considered picking up.



  2. Thanks Pete. Slightly useless but very cool.

  3. An excellent and most useful addition to your collection my friend :)

  4. Thanks for your kindness, more powerful than the grafspee :)