Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Rapid Fire! France 1940 in 20mm - Luftwaffe aircraft

After the French and British  aircraft the Germans are finally arriving, following the historical sequence of events. This small collection of airplanes is odd as the most common types like the Me109 or the Stuka are only one each.
Here you have two Junkers Ju 52 from Italeri, undoubtely better for Holland and Belgium but also true in France.

This is an Altaya Messerschmitt Me110 with blue painted windshields from the inside.

 This is the Messerschmitt Me 109 E painted according to Osprey campaign series 3, France 1940. The model is Airfix.

Another Airfix model, a Junkers Ju87 'Stuka'.

A Matchbox Heinkel He 115. Have no idea what to do with it...

And a Dornier Do 17 also Matchbox.

Next: Probably more German armour for 1940.  


  1. Marvellous !
    JU 52 are Our favorite !
    But the Me110 with blue paint is very good too !
    We also appreciate the previous british plane !
    Bravo !

    1. Thanks L'empereur. Ju52 is also my favourite. There used to be one here in my home town and we, as kids, used to play inside it. I still remember its details.

  2. Thanks Will. There should be more of the small and less of the big ones.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful blog and collection you have. Been watching for a while. You have very good skills. Are you just building or do you also play?

    1. I only build as I don't have no one to wargame with in my town. Otherwise though I couldnt probably build as much as I do. Thanks for your nice comments.