Monday, 13 May 2019

Rapid Fire! in 20mm thoughts

Hi RapidFriends!

I very rarely wargame and my main pleasure with the hobby is to collect big units division size. I built or I'm in the process of building many divisions for El Alamein, Kursk, Tarawa, Normandy, Arnhem, Bastogne and a few others. I do the same with other periods of history and other sets of rules. For France 1940 the departure point is obviously the RF blitzkrieg battlegroups but the end is not this time the full OB of the main divisions but the historical maximum number of each vehicle in doesn't matter what division. Like this when all models are collected I can 'play' (not exactly on my case) with whatever big unit on any side and whatever battle.

The list goes like this for tanks (the middle number is the necessary number of models in RF! and inside brackets is the division to which they belonged):

German 1940

PzI - 23 (3 PD)

PzII - 26 (3 PD)

PzIII - 12 (10 PD)

PzIV - 8 (1 PD)

Pz35t - 24 (6 PD)

Pz38t - 18 (7 PD)

Beob35t - 3

Beob38t - 2

BeobPzI - 4

BeobPzIII - 6

Total: 126 model tanks

French 1940

Ft17 - 24 (3e Armee)

R-35 - 27 (4e DCR) or 36 (3e Armee)

H35/39 - 5/28 (3e DLM)

FCM 36 - 18 (2e Armee)

D2 - 9 (4e DCR)

B1bis - 13 (1e DCR)

S-35 - 19 (1e DLM)

Various AMR - 13 (1e to 5e DLC)

Total : 165 model tanks

British 1940

A9cs - 3

A10cs - 2

A10 - 3

A13 MkI - 11

A13 Mk II - 17

LT Mk VIb - 19

LT Mk VIc - 9

(all these are 1st AD)

Matilda I - 13

Matilda II - 3

(these last two are 1st Army Tank Bgde for Arras)

Total : 80 model tanks

I'm somewhere in the middle way, with French ahead, British closing and Germans in the last position.
Is anyone trying this aproach or is just my megalomania?


  1. Hi Joao, I tend to so divisions as well, working on my
    Pz For Normandy 44, then 2nd Arm for Torch

    1. It's a way to solve our stash problem. I finished all Mortain units and I'm also slowly building 2nd US AD for Tunisia

  2. I tend not to collect specific divisions, but do collect a large collection by type of vehicle to allow me to do almost any scenario. So I have hundreds of vehicles too. Perhaps I lack your discipline to do specific organizations but get there in a different way. Love your posts!

  3. That is my idea: having plenty of stuff allows you plenty of options. For instance after all Mortain German units you are not far from all units of the bulge and so on.

  4. I collect specific divisions for North Africa, but generic for the Eastern Front. You must be giving Tim Gow and Peter Schulman a run for their money! :o)

    Regards, Chris

  5. I am in the process of building late war Pz Div and a Volksgrenadier Div for the German and a Tank Corps and a Rifle Div for my Soviets.......