Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Rapid Fire! France 1940 in 20mm - The dismounted cavalrymen of the 5e DLC

The 11e Cuirassiers and the 12e Chasseurs dismounts and take positions on high ground very close to the village of Le-Boche-Arrive.

All figures are conversions from the Caesar figures. Two of the eight squadrons have a few bycicles to identify the the fourth squadron of each regiment that weren't provided with horses.

The conversion process had a ammunition bandolier made of GreenStuff stuck to the chest and back of most of the figures. The puttees were painted with black acrylic mixed with PVA glue for its lines to disappear and look like cavalry gaiters.


The other conversion was on the capote. For them to look like horsemen with unfasted buttons I filled the gap in the legs with GreenStuff and carved out the folded part on the back.

Next: Germans! Beaucoup d'eux!!!!


  1. I do like the bicycles in this interesting looking unit.

  2. Bycicles and horses are still a must in blitzkrieg and for both sides. Now I have to have some Germans riding then.