Sunday, 10 April 2016

American War of Independence - Will McNally's rules - New Jersey brigade


These 7 stands represent the New Jersey brigade of Col. Matthias Ogden from Stirling Division during the Brandywine battle. 
The uniforms are for the 3rd New Jersey, the famous 'New Jersey Blues' but represent the entire brigade.

Here you can see the round hats I showed you two posts ago already painted. 

The shouting figure to the left has a different head and the ones sporting the hunting shirt have the new round hats.  The old Airfix officer still fits nicely in the middle of more recent figures. 
Next we ( I mean me and Google blogger) will unveil the secret regarding the misterious figures from last post. JMM already got there and inspite of the usual lousy photograph he is the big winner of this great contest!
Congratulations JMM! Your name is in the history of the Hobby!!!


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