Friday, 3 February 2017

Rapid Fire! Spanish Civi War in 1/72nd scale - Artillery limbers

During the SCW most of the artillery was still horse drawn. But I couldn't find anything dedicated to SCW. So I made them myself using bits and pieces.

The limber is made of Evergreen with Revell SYW wheels from its artillery set. Taking photos before painting is good to discover some flaws and the strange hair Trump's stlyle of the walking artilleryman was already taken out.
The artilleryman is an Russian Esci Cossack. It has a new Isabellino cap and an open jacket after X-Acto surgery. The sword was taken out and a blanket was placed in some of them.
The horses are all Esci Russian both from the infantry and Cossack set.

Some blankets and extra stuff was placed in the seats. I caught a picture of the Nationalists entering
Seville and the 75mm guns are being pulled by similar limbers to these ones and only by two horses.

Next:  Some planes, probably. Or artillery.

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