Sunday, 22 July 2018

Rapid Fire! Operation Lüttich (Mortain Counterattack) 1944 in 20mm, Part 4- 1st LSSAH.

The 1st LSSAH still had some very powerful teeth at the beginning  of August 44. Its main problem were the youth of its soldiers and lack of good NCO's after dreadful casualties in the Eastern front and the lack of trucks, a typical problem of the German late army war. This division was also famous for its war crimes in Russia, Italy, France and Belgium and for its notable genocidals like Joachim Peiper.  
The 1st SS Pz Reg. 1 was still very powerful with its usual Panthers and Pz IV. The models are  Hasegawa, Altaya and Esci for the Panthers and Armour and Altaya for the Pz IV. The
This camouflage of this Hasegawa Panther is one of the best known of the Leibstandarte division.
Another Hasegawa Panther is the battalion's leader with the famous 1.4 meters universal antenna.
This is my sole Esci model the survivor of a group destroyed by the anti-tank batteries of a dog I had called Breque.
Two Pz IV from Altaya in different camouflage styles as they are from two separate collections. Only the basing and bushes are my intervention.
Another pair of Die-casts this time from Armour.

These Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind are Armour and Altaya Die-casts  with plastic crews.
More Flak protection in the form of these Britannia Sdkfz 10/4.
In the Mortain Counterattack the LSSAH had a company of engineers represented here by an Sdkfz 251/ 7.
The SP Art.Reg. with the usual Esci Wespe and Hummel. The second Wespe is Matchbox as I'm finished of 1/72nd scale Wespes. The OP Kubelwagen is Hasegawa with the regular Atlantic crew.
The LSSAH Flak Abt. had the Sdkfz 7/1 and 2, models from Altaya, and also the 88mm, gun and tow from Hasegawa.
This Altaya model has a quadruple 20mm gun from Esci with PSC crew.
The SS Aufklärungabteilung 1 with Schwimmwagens from Hasegawa with crews from all available hard plastics, Sdkfz 234/2's (later called Puma) from Altaya, Sdfkz 222 from Britannia, Sdkfz 250/9 from Esci and Sdkfz 231's from Frontline Wargaming.
An SS Mechanized Infantry Battalion with transport from the usual Hasegawa, Altaya, Matchbox and Frontline Wargaming. The Bison is Britannia.
A few conversions made in the infantry that you probably will recognize.  
The other Battalion is Valiant. They may be big but I love these guys!!
The SS Sturmgeschütz  Abt. with its leftovers, two Stug III, one Altaya one Esci.
Generalmajor of the SS Theodor Wisch and its sucesssor, SS Brigadeführer Wilhelm Mohnke in a Frontline Wargaming staff car. The figures are Atlantic and Hasegawa.
Next: 17th Pz.Gren. Div. Götz Von Berlichingen.


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  4. Very difficult Andrew. My plans are one day (that day that is never coming) to do this wargame in the floor of my basement, maybe something like 7m X 5m.