Saturday, 13 July 2019

Rapid Fire! France 1940 in 20mm - Battery of towed 155mm C for the DI

Close to Bois Perdus (who saw, or was forced to see, the Zelda series  knows were it is) a battery of French 155mm C deploys in order to deliver some devastating fire on the invading Boches.
The guns are ACE and the end result is quite nice. The worst part is what happens since you open the box until you finish building it with over 60 parts to glue for you to have a gun, some of them no bigger then 1mm. This ACE newer models are already designed in computer and far superior to the first type of short-run models but they keep on having zillions of tedious small parts which for wargamers are a true pita, to say the least.
The crew are WWI Revell conversions with GreenStuff arms. The ammunition  sockets camefrom the Ace models themselves.
The limbers are also conversions but using the trailer supplied by ACE.
The crew are GreenStuff copies of Hat and EWM figures with Italeri Napoleonic horses from their outstanding box of French high command. The limber box is Evergreen plastic card with leftover Hat  wheels from last post 4.5 QF guns. Some true cord was used as harness for the horses.
The lot prior to painting.
Next: Most probably more French stuff to the desperate fighting in June 1940.


  1. Super my friend, some great conversions there !

  2. Thanks mate. In the defense of ecology 😉

  3. Absolutely fabulous! The amount of work you’ve put into these is quite astonishing but it certainly was well worth the effort.

  4. Thanks Moterei. They become different like this and makes the piling up of units more interesting.

  5. Brilliant work on these. Just getting into 1/72, and posts like this are inspiring.

  6. Thanks firemonkeyboy. Hope it helps.

  7. Fantastico JP. A conversao da carreagem está estupenda. Consegues arranjar sempre maneira de utilizar figuras de varias épocas. -:) qabraço