Saturday, 16 June 2012

28mm AOE Waterloo 1815 11th Cuirassiers

After looking for some different Cuirassiers Regiments I found that there were some that didn´t sported the breastplate. That was the case of the 11th regiment. The Perry box has all its excellent models with cuirasses but the Perry dragoon´s are good for these conversions.

These figures represent the 11th Cuirassiers of Guiton´s bgde , III Reserve Cavalry Corps. So my III corps will be added with this regiment and one of the previous regiment (red collar) will pass to Milhaud IV Reserve Cavalry Corps and will represent Travers bgde.

 The main conversions to change dragoons into un-cuirassed cuirassiers is to place cuirassiers heads and place a Greenstuff rolled blanket on the torso. Also some Greenstuff epaulettes on everybody shoulders and that´s it (or just use Elite dragoons straight from the box).

In this way the repetitive task of building all Cuirassiers brigades in Waterloo gets a little more enthusiastic.

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