Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lebanon 1982, 1/87th &1/100th scale Syrian T-55

The T-55 was still in good use by the Syrians in the 1982 Lebanon campaign, but was already beeing replaced by the T-62. Nevertheless was still used by the 58th mechanized bgde of the 1st armoured division, the tank battalions of the 85th infantry bgde and of the 62nd independent bgde.

The first is a pair of 1/87th scale Salvat collectibles repainted for some of the T-55 of the 85th Inf. bgde seen in Beirut.

 These ones are CMSC 1/87th scale and sport several camouflages, including the 1973 scheme of brick red/sand/ and green outlined in black.

 This pair is Roco 1/87th scale. In the previous and following picture you can see the many details added to these old kits: figure; drum barrels; MMG; antennae; search light and stowage.

And now for the 1/100th models. These two are  Skytrex and really nice.

These four are Eko and had the same amount of added details as the ones from Roco in 1/87th scale.

The full group: the 10 of the top rows are for the large battalion (5 companies) of the 58th mechanized bgde; the 6 of the bottom row is for any of the other tank battalions (3 companies).

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