Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Lebanon 1982, 1/100th scale Syrian Mil-Mi -24 Hind helicopters

These ones weren´t really in Lebanon in 82 but they already belonged to the Syrian military. It were the Aerospatialle Gazelles who bore the brunt of all the helicopter fight on the Syrian side and with considerable sucess. The Hind crews were still training with their new machines. Based on recent footage available on the Web the camouflage is still the same after many years of Hind service in Syrian hands.

JMM: they already have some air support....

 This one is the 1/100th metal and plastic (die cast) Italeri Hind released with a magazine many years ago. Only now I looked at it with attention and repainted it in Syrian colours.

A few milimeters larger is the plastic Hind of Revell. I chose to paint the windshields because there are just too many kits of airplanes and AFVs in resin and metal in which we have to paint the glass parts that I feel this is the best thing to do. Of course it´s a pitty to spoil all the interior detail and the possibility of placing some crewmen, but it´s one of two options.

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