Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lebanon 1982, 1/100th scale Syrian Infantry

 And now the Syrian infantry - hope you like it JMM. The main brand is Irregular Miniatures as they are large 15mm and so close to 1/87th scale. Besides they are cheap, well done and arrive pretty fast as this is Irregular M. trade mark.

  The picture shows the 1 to 15 Syrian regular company, as for RF! The figures are Irregular Miniatures. As you can see the Irregular M. figures (1/100th scale) go quite well with the CMSC (1/87th scale) BMP-1, as they are large castings. The Peter Pig ones are slender and true 15mm figures and don´t look so well with 1/87th scale vehicles. But when we mix the figures in the same stands or side by side, the difference is barely noticed.

The support weapons are Irregular Miniatures and Peter Pig: 12,7 MMG; 120mm mortar; Recoiless Rifle; Command Stand; SA-7 Grail and Degtyarev sharpshooter.

 The Commando company; mixed Irregular Miniatures and Peter Pig.

The Commando Support company which includes the AT-4 Spigot (Peter Pig).

 The 3 Commando battalions.

The 5 regular infantry battalions.

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  1. Muito bom > JP
    A Infantaria chega como prometido.