Monday, 25 June 2012

Lebanon 1982, 1/87th &1/100th scale Syrian SA-2 and SA-3 AA Missile systems

The main missile AA systems used by the Syrians in the Bekaa valley were the SA-2 Guideline and the SA-3 Goa attacked by the Israeli aviation in Operation Mole Cricket 19. The problem of using models of these things , as usual in 1/87th scale in particular, is availability  and price.

As my collection mixes 1/87th with 1/100th scale, scratchbuilding models to these scales is nice as can can always say the model turned out in "1/90 th scale" or in "1/88th scale", who knows.

The model above and in the next two pictures is the Low Blow radar attached to the SA-3 batteries.

The wheels are metal Irregular Miniatures from their Useful Range Artillery. The central control box is a piece of styrofoam (don´t forget to protect it with a thick coat of PVA glue before spray, or you will get a really small box...). The ladders and such are metal. 

The Radars themselves are Made-in-China toys and most of the details are the trustable Evergreen plastic tubing, sheet and rod along with other styrenes.

 This is the way how I produce quick reference for scratchbuilding: Google + attach images to word page + print =  that´s it.

 Try to capure images from the best angles and particularly B/W  and almost-to-scale images. Many times you can even use a ruler for measurements if the pic turned out in the wanted scale.

 The SA-3 themselves: several parts of 1/72nd aircraft missiles until you are satisfyed; Evergreen and other styrenes for other parts and you are done with it.

Same recipe for the Sa-2 radar, the SNR-125 Fan-Song. Much more complicated than the previous radar, this one has more parts in styrene. Superglue and Hotglue bonds everything in its place. The figure, a kneeled Skytrex 15mm already glued, gives you the size of the thing.

Next: SA-2 Guideline.


  1. Amazing Work.

    NO Words.....-:)

  2. Tens de voltar a lembrar o Pai Natal para não se esquecer da nova máquina digital...
    Fora isso, estou ansioso por conhecer como vai ficar o radar e a bateria de misseis!