Monday, 12 September 2016

Rapid Fire! Russian Contemporary Wars in 1/72nd scale - Painted T-80s and T-90s

The group of ModelCollect and Revell modern MBTs I've built some time ago are painted and shelved.
You can see the parent post on its construction here:

Somewhere in the Russian southern border (in fact my yard) a Russian tank force amasses waiting for orders.

The top row are T-80 BV and the nearer are T-90MS, T-90 and T-90A.  Frankly after painting the two brands are indistinguishable with only the weight showing the heavier ModelCollect.

The T-90MS is the state of the art Russian MBT (not counting the still scarce T-14 Armata...). The painting is based on the web where you can see this kind of sand and orange over green camouflage. 

The figures have GreenStuff arms so they can fit wherever I want. 

Here a PSC figure is preparing to fire its HMG with its new arms. 

The Russian flag is in all vehicles. Its an obvious exaggeration but Russian enemies also have the same material many times (Chechens, Georgians, Ucranians...) and the old style flag clears all doubts. 

Another nice feature of nowadays Russian armour is the different camouflages even within the same units.

The paints I refer in the next paragraphs are just the ones I use and not mandatory.

After some reading about Russian camouflages you can settle with this:

As base colours, they have two different shades of green, one lighter olive ( Citadel Loren Forest) and another darker (Vallejo 114 Russian Green, yes, yes, aviation colour).

As camouflage colours you can find two tones of yellow sand ( Vallejo 819 Iraqi Sand and Citadel Tausept Ochre), brown (Citadel Mournfang Brown), black (whatever you have),  grey ( Vallejo Light grey and (more recently) orange (Citadel Macharius Solar Orange).

For better results I advise the excellent Mig paints specially designed for these conflicts.

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