Friday, 7 April 2017

Rapid Fire! 20mm 1944 US Armoured Division - The vehicles of the Mechanized Infantry.

Close to the French place of Carrefour Délicat a US Mechanized Infantry Regiment approaches in order to follow that general advance that started a few weeks ago...

The total is 18 Half Tracks and three A/T guns to be distributed among three Combat Commands.

Each battalion has six Half Tracks, mostly the M3A1 of Hasegawa but also a few M3 from Airfix and Italeri. Three are for the infantry companies, one is a command vehicle and another is a mortar 81mm carrier...

...complemented by a 57mm gun for each battalion (converted Irregular Miniatures guns) and...

... the tows which are Hasegawa. I built them with the canvas covers so they can be distinguished as gun tows.

Most of the HT infantry carriers  have 10 soldiers crew. A few bazookas and other personnel weapons gives detail to each HT. Also plenty of stowage is mandatory as you have to fill those side racks. Most of the figures are Hasegawa.

One of the battalions have in-action figures (hard plastic Fujimi) much to American taste as it could be seen in Syria in the past morning. The HT is Airfix.

This Command HT is a Corgi Die-cast. Fits nicely with the lot as it is quite detailed

The other two Command HT are Italeri double kits and have radios and different interior details on main crew compartment.

This one is everywhere: the mortar variant exists in each tank and mechanized battalion. This Hasegawa (what else?) model has a Matchbox crew taken from a M7 SP.


  1. Excellent :)

    I only field one battalion within our chosen rules - 14 halftracks plus 3 jeeps and 3 57mm

  2. An impressive tide of armour! Must have been a hundred of hours of work..

    1. Thanks venechka. It took plenty of hours but diluted along the years you don't even notice:)

  3. Nice, especially the command half track

    1. Thanks Will. The images for the Co Ht are tricky to find but the conversion its not difficult.