Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Rapid Fire! 20mm 1944 US Armoured Division - The Cavalry Squadron

Again a crossroads, this time Carrefour-Pas-Trop-Delicat, is used for the concentration of the Reconnaissance Squadron of the Armoured Division. From here, each troop - 2 M8's and 2 Jeeps- will support each one of the three Combat Commands of the Division.

I'm still a bit short of M5 Light Tanks so you can't see none of the three that should be there. For the rest this Squadron doesn't have many news as the same brands that are in other posts with M8 and Jeeps are the same, that is Italeri for M8's and Airfix and Hasegawa for the Jeeps.

One of the few news is this M8 Greyhound from Frontline Wargaming. As usual with this brand its a nice model but incomplete. So I placed a figure (Hasegawa), HMG, stowage and antennae.

Next: The Airfix Sherman Battalion.


  1. Your posts are a mine of knowledge about Rapid Fire, and especially about the civil war in spain. I admire the speed you paint your models and I know I will never catch up with you. Regards from Poland - http://tuzzelvassal.blogspot.hu/

  2. Thanks Marcin. You know, while SCW stuff is brand new the US models are mostly old things with over 5-10 years old that I'm basing nowadays.