Saturday, 15 April 2017

Rapid Fire! 20mm 1944 US Armoured Division - The figures of Mechanized Infantry battalions.

A PBI battalion arrives and the trucks unloads its cargo. This time no Half Tracks as the US infantry can easily turn from Mechanized to Motorized with 2-1/2 GMC trucks instead of HT's.

The trucks are Frontline wargaming and the 3/4 ton truck is ESCI. The infantry is a mixture of all available plastics: Airfix, Matchbox, Atlantic but mostly ESCI and Revell.

The MG's of the Heavy Weapons Company.

And the mortars (60mm and 81mm). The ESCI HMG firer became a mortar man for the 60mm mortar. Many arms and torsos were carved, glued, heated and bended in ways only Daesh or Torquemada could describe.

Two different Command stands from figures you all recognize.

I made six differently based US infantry battalions for easy recognition.  I also have 7 surplus figures for each of the eighteen companies for the Omaha scenario standing inside their LCVP's but that will be for another post.

The trucks are a Frontline Wargaming, Hasegawa and two venerable Airfix soft plastic ones can be seen in the top row to the left.

Next: the 76mm Shermans.


  1. Fantastic work. Looking forward to seeing these in a Rapid Fire game.
    I recognise a lot of those figures. :)

  2. Thanks Duc. I invite you to see them in my shelves as its more probable than seeing them in a game :):):)

  3. If you use them all, the game might take several days. But looks fantastic!

  4. Thanks venechka. As I only wargame alone my games always take several days but most of them are to place figures on the table and others to place them back on the shelves. This is how my miniatures see action :)

  5. Good work.
    Devias mostrar as tuas "shelves". JP


  6. Obrigado amigo, mas as minhas shelves são para mostrar só aos amigos e na praia.