Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Fire&Fury ACW rules set - Gettysburg in 20mm (part 15) - 1st Corps ANV, McLaw's Division

On the second day of battle, the Division of Gen. McLaws prepares itself to leave the woods of Seminary ridge and assault the exposed III Union Corps around the Peach Orchard. The two front brigades, the more powerful, were (L-R) Kershaw and Barksdale's which were supported by Semmes and Wofford's Brigades to the rear.

Gen. Lafayette McLaws is the handiest ACW figure ever, that is the Union Revell officer. 

Close by its the stand of I Corps commander, Gen. James Longstreet, a cute figure from StreletsR. 

McLaws Artillery division is made of the usual mix of Revell, Italeri and Irregular Miniatures parts. 

In a different angle you can see some kneeling Revell pioneers that came to give a hand to their fellow artillerymen. 

Kershaw's Brigade was made of  South Carolina men and thus a second flag was added to the command stand with the 'Palmetto' flag. This brigade is made mostly of Esci figures with a few Revell and Italeri in the middle. 

With the same mix of brands here it is Wooford's Brigade. The flag is the one of Cobb's Legion and the officer is the same Esci figure of the previous photo but heavily converted to look like something different. 

Gen.W. Barksdale Brigade of Mississipians got farther than any other NVA unit in that second day but it paid dearly and that included Barksdale own life. 

In these two stands you can see how fortunate the ACW wargamer is with Revell, Italeri, ACTA, Irregular Miniayures and Airfix all living together in harmony. 

A careful choice of some butternut or dark grey uniforms in the middle of the cadet grey gives plenty of colour to Johnny Reb and makes them more enjoyable to paint than Billy Yank.

With Kershaw's Brigade stepping over a lettuce field the division is ready to give hell to the Union's 3rd Corps!

Next: Hood's Division. 

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