Friday, 15 May 2020

Rapid Fire! Desert War 1940-43 in 20mm - First British infantry/ motor battalion

A British Infantry battalion crosses the Oasis of Ras-ta-Parta. This one is a bit on the large side as I made enough figures for a RF! motor battalion (with 3 Boys stands for the Bren Carriers)  and a normal infantry battalion. All plastics- Airfix, Revell, Matchbox and Esci - are together.

The command stand has a Revell radioman with a German Esci radio on its back. The close 2" mortar has a Matchbox Bren firer (without the Bren) and a cut down tube from the Matchbox 81mm mortar. 
The Airfix Vickers MMG has a plastic water cooling system as an extra. The Bren carrier for the 81mm mortar is SHQ with crew from 1st and 2nd editions of the Airfix 8th Army British infantry.

The different brands and scales can also mix well. Even the smaller 1/76th figures of Matchbox fit well with the larger Revell and Airfix if you glue them with electric glue giving them 2 or 3mm extra height.

Next: additions to Arnhem


  1. Good use of the various 8th Army figures on the market. It's a fine battalion and really looks the part R/T and 2"mortar particularly fine. Well done to you Joao.

  2. Thanks SRD. My first 8th army were painted decades ago but painting these almost sand guys to a satisfactory level is not easy. Now I used the usual black primer,then Vallejo English kakhi and then buff. The final pea green equipment gives a nice final touch.