Thursday, 6 September 2018

Rapid Fire! Late War Germans in 20mm - 15cm towed field artillery.

A bit of heresy with this Roco Feldhaubitze 18 15cm battalion. They are not 20mm but 1/87th scale. These guys were on the stash for years and probably they will wargame (?) off table many meters to the rear so I decided to add them to my Late War Germans. 


The model is nice and looks the part. The crew is also Roco made from several of their German sets as they never produced a dedicated set of German artillerymen. 

The 15cm shells came from cut down  1/72nd scale 88mm shells. My problem now is to find enough horses in 1/87th scale as I want this battalion to be towed thinking mostly of artillery support for a Infantry or Volksgrenadier division. 

Next: the Ersatz battalion of the 26th VGD.


  1. I also mix scales 15mm (1/100), 1/87 and 20mm (1/72-76) on the battle table - it does not disturb the game

  2. I make stands showing their actual size in the 1/72 scale

  3. I also have two big armies, syrian and israeli 1982, where I mix 1/100 and 1/87 and also use the same trick of the equal bases for the same version of the vehicle if I have them in both scales.

  4. They work well in 15mm as well :

    Regards, Chris.