Monday, 24 September 2018

Rapid Fire! Russian Contemporary Wars in 20mm - Last two battalions of Georgian Infantry

These are the last two battalions for the Georgian Light Infantry Brigade of 2008. The unit is more or less complete. It has up to now:
-  Three battalions of infantry like the two in the picture plus the mortars that are already shown.
- Three BMP-1, three BMP-1U Shkval and three land Rover (last two groups in this big picture) as IFV and infantry transport. 
- One battalion of T-72 SIM tanks (6 models, maybe one missing for command).
- One battalion of MLRS (3 BM-21 models).
- Six Dana 152mm SPG's.
- One Humvee and three Digdoris  for reconnaissance. 

The infantry is the usual mix or Revell and Esci moderns with a few old metal Skytrex in the command stands. 

Next: ACW and for quite a long time as I will be posting the armies of Gettysburg for the Fire and Fury rules systems. 


  1. Great work again. Really like the Land Rovers.



  2. Thanks Pete. Hope you like ACW it will be next.