Friday, 28 December 2018

Rapid Fire!/Able Archer, The Gulf War in 20mm - The Iraqi 5th Mechanized Division Mohammed Ibn Al-Kasim (Part 3) - The 26th Armoured Brigade

The 26th Armoured Brigade approaches Khafji with its three tank regiments in front and its mechanized battalion to the rear. This brigade has a total of 21 T-55 based tanks (12 are T-59/69 conversions) all but one being Altaya Die-casts. 

This is the converted Altaya T-55 turned into a T-69 (an easy external difference to distinguish from the T-59 are the headlights, covered here in the T-69 and the same as the original T-55 in the T-59). 

The Chinese T-59/69 in Iraqi service had stowage racks around the turret. 

The stowage racks are very difficult to do, specially when you need them for plenty models, so I used one big piece of two component paste and modelled it accordingly. Then a careful painting tried to disguise the imperfections.  

Comparing the original Altaya in Polish colours and the final conversion. 

The changes were: 
- Hull side protections made in Evergreen plastic card.
- Fume launchers in Evergreen tubing.
- Headlights and turret Laser Range Finder in plastic foam.
- Air conditioning ventilator and stowage racks in turret made out of two component paste. 

Another Ace command 'Enigma' T-55 for one of the tank regiments. 

The Mechanized Battalion of the 26th Brigade was equipped with MTLB APC's. The two models to the right are Cromwell and the one to the left is BPM.

Next: Recce Battalion and artillery of the 5th MD . 


  1. Fabulous mate,

    Great job on the conversions too


    1. Thanks Bluewillow. The conversions are my main pleasure in the hobby.

  2. Your conversion work is amazing! Thus project is fantastic inspiration for my own collections :)

    1. Thanks Ben. Thats the idea. I like to think others can do it as these kind of conversions are pretty easy.

  3. Great work- I really like your conversion work.