Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Rapid Fire! 20mm Gulf War - Saladin's Division (part 3): 3rd Tank Regiment of the 12th Tank Brigade

More of the same? No, not exactly. The 3rd Regiment had the same equipment as the other two but now the models are from different brands. The two companies of T-72 (left) are metal Skytrex models; the Co tank (center) is the Revell T-72M1 and, yes, the T-55 company is again Skytrex.

The older T-72A from Skytrex had a number of additions: rubber skirts; the Chinese dazzler and the smoke grenade dischargers all made in Evergreen plasticard.

Then Skytrex produced the more recent version who fits nicely the Iraqi T-72M1 and no more plasticard was necessary.

The Revell T-72M1 is probably one of the best around and only the figures and some stowage was necessary to complete it. Of course, it became the Co of the Regiment with the characteristic '9'.
So this brigade needed a total of 6 T-55 and 15 T-72 (7 tanks X3 Regiments). I still need to find some recovery vehicles and all armoured units of the brigade will be done.
Next: a change to something lighter, the Mechanized Regiment of the 12th Brigade.

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