Saturday, 8 July 2017

Rapid Fire! Russian Contemporary Wars in 1/72nd scale - Troposphere Relay Station vehicle for SS-25 Topol already painted


The TRS vehicle is already painted. I used a camouflage close to its SS-25 partner, only using Russian Tan from MIG colours instead of Iraqi Sand from Vallejo.

Most of these vehicles I found pictured are not in fact camouflaged but camouflage also helps conceal some mistakes in the making of the model.
At the same time I built another ModelCollect T-72 this time a T-72B3M. This one has no camouflage to go along the Russian T-72's 3D prints I have  from Mario Laranja.


  1. Looks great painted up. The tan colour is very nice.



  2. Thanks Pete. Those Mig colours are great and they do most of the job.