Monday, 31 July 2017

Rapid Fire! 20mm D-Day 1944 - Omaha Beach (part 4), WN 71

WN 71 is the main subject of the first 20 minutes of the movie 'Saving Private Ryan'. I tryed to model it like in the movie but respecting the Rapid Fire! supplement regarding numbers of figures and equipment.

This is the OP that the Germans quicky turned into a fortress. I modelled it with a high wall of concrete like in the movie as there are some differences to the original one.

Here  is the view to the MG bunkers that closed 'D1' exit to the east.

Rear  view of the complex.

Bird's view.  

Detail of the double emplacement MG bunker.

The MG42 figures are Britannia and the two others are Irregular Miniatures.

- 'Look Franz, they are bringing ze bangalores and flamethrovers to roast zus!' 

- 'Ja! Ze movie should have ended before ze first 15 minutes!'

Next: USN Destroyer.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks SRD. These kind of modelling is great cause no fine detail brush is necessary. :)

  2. Great series of D-Day posts. Very interested in which figures you used for your US radio guys and how you did them...

    Cheers, Dave

  3. I'm off for a few days but I'll show them soon.