Saturday, 22 July 2017

Rapid Fire! 20mm Gulf War - Saladin's Division (part 8) - The 95th Air Defence Regiment

The 95th ADR leaves the highway and rushes to the defensive revetments build by the engineers of its Division.

Still incomplete the regiment has four Zsu-23-4 Shilka and two SA-9 Gaskin . The Gaskins are Armo models as well as the closer rank of Shilkas. The farthest Shilkas are Cromwell making this a 100% resin regiment. The figures are metal Skytrex.

The SA-2 Guideline is no integral part of the regiment but comes from III Corps support. Its a resin Planet Model with Irregular Miniatures and Skytrex crew.

The SA-8 Gopher is another help from III Corps support. The model is entirely scratchbuilt in Evergreen plastics.

I based this one on 1/35th plans I saw in Millitary Modelling.  On the time of its making there were no commercialy available models of the SA-8.

The Iraqi Air Defense managed to shoot most of the 75 allied aircraft lost during the Kuwait war but was almost obliterated in the process. 

Now some SA-6 Gainful. The first two are Cromwell with additional rails and the last one is a repainted Altaya Die-cast model.

Finally some Roland on AMX-30 chassis from Altaya simply repainted. These weapons were mostly in the Republican Guard units but some elite units of the army also received them, so its probable they found their way up to III Corps.

Next: Recce Battalion.


  1. Fantastic mate, I was wondering about the gopher

    1. Thanks Bluewillow. gophers are hard and expensive to find. I also needed a few more not only for iraqi but also for Georgians and russian but I'll wait until they show in plastic in 20mm as they are very troublesome to scratchbuild.

  2. Really really smart- now where can I get a gopher in 15mmm????


      Here you can ser my 15mm syrian gophers. They are QRF and before that Miltra i think. QRF offers plenty of modern stuff. Check their site.

  3. Stunning- love the work you did on the gopher.



  4. Thanks Pete. Maybe i make another in the future. Cheers