Wednesday, 28 March 2012

28mm French 7th Hussars Waterloo 1815

I like to imagine de Co figure as Baron the Marbot, the same that was present and described in detail the Bussaco campaign and battle, just some km from my hometown, Coimbra. He actually commanded the 7th Hussars at the Waterloo campaign, 5 years later, and kept leaving some fantastic accounts of the napoleonic campaigns.

All figures are Perry plastic miniatures, straight from the box.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Rapid Fire! Western Desert 1940-43 in 20mm - Italian aircraft

Theses are my Italian aircraft for the Western Desert up to now. Airfix and Super Models with acrylic stands.

 Cant Z 1007 Bis Alcione (SuperModel).

 SM 81 Pipistrello (SuperModel).

SM 79 Sparviero (Airfix). 

CR42 (Airfix). 

Fiat G50 (Airfix). 

              Reggiane 2000 (SuperModel).

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Rapid Fire! LRDG

After seeing some beautifully painted LRDG in the Rapid Fire! FB and after the release of Altaya's LRDG Chevrolets, I just had to have a small force of those. Reading about the Barce raid inspired me to make three chevies and 3 jeeps (yes, yes too many jeeps, only one was necessary in RF terms...).

The Altaya Chevrolets were repainted as I attached too many figures, stowage and weapons that needed drilling and glueing.

The arab headdress was made with GreenStuff, as well as most of the interior stowage.

 Monty (Matchbox) itself gave a hand as he is seated with legs borrowed from a Preiser german figure, the one that is playing cards.

 The binoculars figure is the body of the Matchbox Humber figure and the legs of the Esci 25prd seated gunner.

 The striking Pink scheme, useful for the morning and late day.

All figure came out of the spare boxes, and included the Airfix Jeep driver; Esci commandos and Hasegawa tank crew.

Friday, 2 March 2012

28mm LOTR Minas Tirith

 And now for Minas Tirith. It was mainly made in heavy card and the usual styrofoam. This piece are in fact some 20 pieces, and the final result is this one.

The parts are separate for easy storage and space. One of this days I will show you my Osgiliath, but it still has to be built.

Not as many levels as in the movie. Just trying to pick the flavour of the movie´s model and, one day, wargaming it.

Kinder Eggs are good for eating and modelling.

My kid still must be thinking: " were is my cowboy´s tree?".

I built eleven  of the formidable trebuchets Minas tirith was defended by. Seven  are GW (glups!).

Dr Jackill...or is it a Troll as PC says?