Friday, 10 August 2012

28mm AOE 1815 Waterloo - Bachelu Division

Latest painting that completes the 22nd July post. This Bachelu division was built and painted along  some extras like the Génie de La Garde Imperiále and the Gén. Reille stand, II Armée CO.

I present you Général Gilbert Bachelu (uau , he speaks french...!) , a very nice metal figure by the Perry brothers.

Here our Général is personally deploying his own division, under the watchful eye of his superior Gen. Charles Reille. The first brigade to be seen is Campi´s (General Campi is a metal Perry mounted figure within the commmand stand) and the second is Husson´s.

Reille and ADC are also metal Perry.

 The Génie de La Garde Imperiále, plastic conversions of Hat bodies and Perry Carabiniers heads, as mentioned in previous post.

Back view of the Génie.

Back view of Bachelu division.

 The lot: Bachelu division, Reille and Génie. Only one brigade missing to complete Reille II Corps.