Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rapid Fire! 1/72nd scale LCT 4, Normandy Landings, 6 June 1944

These LCT 4 are made in the usual balsa wood, Evergreen and in fact in every material that can be used to this purpose, from Lego parts to small bracelets and necklesses, wire, etc.

 The crew are Airfix and many other converted figures.

 The Sherman Crab are Airfix and resin/metal Britannia, the dozers are scratchbuilt  and Churchill AVRE are from Matchbox and Britannia.

 The three LCT 4 were made in diferent times  in a space of 1 or 2 years and the first one served as a "mould" to the next ones in terms of measurements.

My feet for scale.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

28mm AOE Casualty Markers Waterloo 1815

This Landwehr casualty markers are Irregular Miniatures napoleonic casualties. There is added Greenstuff to produce the lower part of the Litewka and rolled blankets.

Prussian line casualty markers, again Irregular Miniatures, with some added Green Stuff.

Perry Miniatures plastic casualty markers that are inside the heavy cavalry box. Some have different head gear and one of them is a Irregular Miniature figure.

Same with the british.

Monday, 9 April 2012

28mm AOE Middle Guard Chasseurs Waterloo 1815

Let me stress this: i´m not taking lousy pictures to my fantastic figures and models for you - the "followers"-  to leave two ENTIRE posts without a single comment. No faithful follower do what you have been doing, neglecting your duty, men or women must rise as one and shout: extraordinary work and such.
Yes, my 1st follower was a woman (<3) but all She and He for me are the same. No prejudice, I love you all, well, some more  than others Ok, so lets start writing comments  on the previous posts and don´t forget the next ones.

Now that you all ran to the previous posts, and wrote avidly your comment, here it is the French Middle Guard Chasseurs.

It´s the usual mix of the three main brands of 28mm plastics, were pieces are mixed all together and easily glued and carved as only this material enables.

The guidons and uniforms are taken from the fantastic mont-saint-jean website You don´t need more than this to paint your Waterloo armies.

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

28mm AOE Middle Guard Grenadiers Waterloo 1815

Now for the last week´s painted Middle Guard Grenadiers. Its a mixture of Hat, Victrix and Perry bodies and headgear- bicornes, bonnets, etc.

The Middle Guard didn´t seem to have carried eagles but only tricolor fanions, one in each company.

Victrix metal colonel transformed into Guard General with the Greenstuff aid.

The closer general is a Irregular Miniatures with some Greenstuff added to the bicorne.

Some of the coated guardsmen are Perry fusiliers. I made two cuts (L shape) at their shoulders and pluggled those surplus  Victrix epaulettes. Easy and "efficace".

The Middle guard advance on Mont-Saint-Jean in their square anti-cavalry formation. Good luck for them as we know they didn´t have it...