Monday, 25 July 2011

1/72nd scale Roman Republican Cavalry

The 8 stands needed for Cannae just out of the varnish spray can. Each stands for 200 men, so this figures represents the 1600 citizen cavalry with Varro, 300 from each legion.

The figures are Hat. At the back you can see the Colosseum.

The shield patterns are difficult to find. Any ideas, besides the Osprey, WRG and Peter Connolly books?

Sunday, 17 July 2011

What to do with old soft plastic that breaks?

Probably it happened the same to you. Soft plastic figures with some years, specially out of the box, break easily. Do you know what to do in this circumstancies?

Besides buying new ones.

I'll be grateful for any help

Friday, 15 July 2011

1/72nd scale DBM Roman Camp

Now the Roman camp. Also BUM based, is also largely transformed into what you see.

The defence poles around the camp. The ditch is ...well... around somewhere!

20cmX20cm like the Carthaginian camp.

There is a Zvezda 1/72nd scale fabulous roman camp and the old Airfix one which is also nice. They make a fantastic center piece for a diorama or skirmish action but they are just too big for a battle like Cannae, as it will take too much space on the tabletop, and this one is much cheaper.

The training pole. This place served for gladius hacking training. Probably some slashes were also applyed.

Some Triarii (Hat) just for scale.

I hope José Miguel Mendes (the famous JMM) also likes it.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

1/72 scale DBM Carthaginian Camp

This camp is made out of a BUM box with a lot of generic pieces which were  completely changed  into what you can see. I coundn´t find any good reconstitution of a carthaginian camp , so this is more of a guess than anything else, based in what i know of carthaginian habits and culture. Hope you enjoy.


The camp is 20cm X20cm. If larger, it dwarves the armies and the battle area on the tabletop.


Some celtiberian (Newline Design 20mm) guarding the entrance, just for scale.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

1/72nd V Roman Republican Legion

Same brands as before. This legion as some new velites, made out of the some Hat carthaginian lights with heads from the Italeri romans, mixed with Hat roman  velites.

No, the roof is not falling, it´s just the attic.

The triplex acies (hastati, principes,triarii) with velites supporting both sides.

Command stand made of 4 different brands: Hat, Italeri, Esci and Newline Designs.
11 legions to go for the full roman army at Cannae. Hope to have them all painted end of July...2020.

Monday, 11 July 2011

1/72nd scale IV Roman Republican Legion

Here is my 4th roman legion for the Punic wars. Once again figures by Hat, Orion; Italeri and Newline Designs. Only 12 legions  to go, for the full roman army at Cannae: piece of cake, just a thousand figures! 

You can even see the shadow of the camera in the 1st picture. The guy has talent, look at the position of his finger! A true pro.

You all admire my quality as a modeller and painter, that is why you keep on coming to this site everyday, even when you don´t have electricity, but you seldom refer to my talents regarding photography.

Oh yes, there his a guy from Gaia (south of Porto, near Lisbon) who likes my photos a lot, and who always places nice comments on this blog, regarding the right angle and light.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

A águia da Nona legião

A Águia da Nona Legião

Deixem lá isso, não é grande coisa. Uma boa surtida de um forte com a formação em tartaruga, e uma boa reconstituição da muralha de Adriano, mas o resto é mais imaginação do que outra coisa. Uma acção porreira e tal, mas para isso mais vale o Harry Potter.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Last 16 stands of gauls out of a total of 70 for Cannae

Last ones. Mainly Italeri and Revell. Now Hannibal´s army for Cannae is DBM complete. And now for the "last" 13 Roman legions (i´m completely f******)... well at least some, until I get fed up with them.