Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Archeological finding (?) close to the Roman city of Conimbriga

On the recent days I've been busy in Condeixa, near Conimbriga, due to some works of mine about WWI.

There I found in a small book/utility shop all these Atlantic boxes. I made the usual question when entering such places " mam, do you have those old small boxes of plastic soldiers, tanks or planes to build ?" The lady went to her attic - several times - and came with all these.

Almost 60 Atlantic boxes from the 80's of modern infantry and weapons, Tigers, Shermans, Leopards, Japanese, AfrikaKorps and many more and some 1/32nd scale models I didn't even remember they manufactured. Price? She called his husband and he said to charge 1 euro each box and then to apply a discount to the lot. So, at the end, 40 euros! Not bad for a Saturday morning. 

The worst is that probably I will never do any of them but it's good for the soul and makes me remember my first battles with  plastic models some 35 years ago when I was throwing dryed pieces of earth (shells, of course) at them in  the back yard were my grandmother planted her onions. 

Everything of course under the close observation of Anita, my neighbour and same age as me but 10cm taller...

As Springsteen sings šŸŽ¶"in the wink of an young girl's eyes, glory days"šŸŽ¶.