Friday, 2 March 2012

28mm LOTR Minas Tirith

 And now for Minas Tirith. It was mainly made in heavy card and the usual styrofoam. This piece are in fact some 20 pieces, and the final result is this one.

The parts are separate for easy storage and space. One of this days I will show you my Osgiliath, but it still has to be built.

Not as many levels as in the movie. Just trying to pick the flavour of the movie´s model and, one day, wargaming it.

Kinder Eggs are good for eating and modelling.

My kid still must be thinking: " were is my cowboy´s tree?".

I built eleven  of the formidable trebuchets Minas tirith was defended by. Seven  are GW (glups!).

Dr Jackill...or is it a Troll as PC says?


  1. Excelente diorama, Parabéns!
    (devias evitar colocar um Troll nas fotos...)

  2. My favourite one in this blog...:)


    I made a Minas Tirith, but nothing like yours, yours is amazing!