Saturday, 3 May 2014

Impetus, 20mm - Mohacs 1526- part 3, Hungarian crossbowmen

In Extra Impetus 3 is referred the need for  3 bases maximum crossbowmen S in the Jagellion army list.

I made a few more and later I'll save on archers S. Do you mind, Sartori? In fact I would have the extra crossbowmen hanging around doing nothing and so they turned Hungarian...

The figures are Zvezda with two officers from Ottoman Lucky Toys turned also into standard bearers. 

The standards are photocopies of the ones I placed for printing in a past article.

The Zvezda figures are just great. 

Sometimes so much detail even hampers painting but overall they are probably the best around.

The shield patterns are taken from those nice video games from the web and from visits to local museums.