Monday, 23 November 2015

American War of Independence in 20mm - Will McNally Rules - Brunswick contingent

A few years ago I got into the American War of Independence craze and started a number of units. Found a lot of books, read a few of them but as fast as the craze came there it went away in exchange for I don't remember which period.

Recently on reading Will McNally's blog I found his nice rules and pictures of his own private AWI collection and I left Asia and Samurai aside and travelled to XVIII century North America.

So in the last few weeks I rebased and retouched those old units adding a few more figures and details.

I made this Brunswick army in NA so it can play Will's rules based on Strenght points and 4 stands per regiment or on 5 stands if I want to use the true OB of these  600+ regiments or adapt the rules to something of my own.

All figures - minus one- are Revell 7YW Prussians.

The Jagers had an ammo poch added to the waist. The minus one is an hornist from ESCI napoleonic range with added GreenStuff to the bicorne in order to have a tricorne.

The Grenadiers were placed in a converged battalion and the mitre caps are different acccording to the regiment from were they came from.

The dismounted Dragoons are line figures just painted differently.

These sets of old Revell figures are crammed with nice poses for wargaming and finally in those days there was a company of plastic figures thinking about the hobby.

The command stand had several imaginative characters which included some nice flags that had to be painted.

In a change regarding Will's rules I placed the officers in round bases. Just a little heat to the guy's hand in order to have the sword close to his body - for the paint not to flake easily - and the Brunswickers are done with very few alterations to the original figures.