Sunday, 30 December 2012

AOE 28mm Waterloo 1815 - 2nd Coldstream guards

A small detour on a new unit in 28mm for the Waterloo campaign, just fresh out of the paint brushes.

With my French and Prussian army accelerating to completion, the British have been left aside. That red and grey is not very appealing but the Coldstream guards in those white trousers bring a little bit more of colour to the shelves.

The command figures were extended over three stands as there were a metal officer on horse and a pioneer as well as the usual flag, drum, NCO and officer to be placed on this elite unit.

The figures are plastic and metal Perry Miniatures. The skirmishers don´t count in AOE brigade level rules terms but are there just in case another level rule set is used.

The flags were printed from the Warflag site. Thanks for all those guys that for nothing in exchange leave fantastic material for others to use.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Rapid Fire! 20mm- Battle of Khafji 1991- Saudi Arabian M-163 Vulcan

Just some finished M-163 Vulcan Altaya reworked for the Saudi Arabian army present at the battle of Khafji in 1991 during the  Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. In this battle there were a number of light infantry american units; the Saudi Arabian National Guard; the 5th Iraqi Mechanized Division; the 3rd Iraqi Armoured Division, along with parts of other units from this and other armies (Qatar for instance). This units are already totally or partially built and posts will get to you soon.

The Vulcans can be found in the american equiped (M-60; M-109 and M-113)  mechanized or armoured brigades(the 12th armoured, for instances). They have  other brigades with french material (AMX-30; GIAT SP and AMP-10P).
The Altaya models are great. Its true they are not cheap at around 12 euros, but are easily available; many just need some drybrushing and a few small parts to enter the table.
The main changes these one got were:
1- Card basing: I use two sheets of the card that goes along the Altaya models glued together with white  glue. Thanks to the white glue this card basing gets pretty tough.
2- Bedrools made of GreenStuff or similar material.
3- Antennae made of fishing string.
4- US plastic torsos for the manning the Gatling.
5- Grey primer allover; then painting.
6- Printed Web Saudi flags suitably sized. You don´t need no particular dedicated WebSite, just google "Saudi flags"on the  "Images" part, pick the one you enjoy the most, resize it et Voilá.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

AOE 20mm- 71st British Highlanders- Battle of Vimeiro 1808

This is one of the nice regiments that can be made for the Peninsula War.  The figures had to be made from Scottish heads (ESCI and Italeri) and british bodies (Esci and Revell). The bond is achieved by that miracle all plastic glue (glue+primer).

The mounted officer is the old Airfix figure on a Waterloo1815 horse.

 Here and there there is a fifth figure in the stand to make up aproximately similar numbers as in the french stands (which have six figures).

There is also the mounted Scottish Officer from the Airfix box.

There are two kinds of flocking in the bases. Like this I think the figures "ground" gets more authentic and alive.

The flags are printed from the nice Warflag site.



Saturday, 8 December 2012

AOE 20mm - Merle 1st division- Battle of Buçaco 1810

In the next weeks I will show you my figures for the Buçaco battle. This post will cover Merle 1st division, Sarrut and Graindorge brigades(Reynier 2nd corps). Two brigades will be showned as Graindorge only had the 4eme Léger regiment in its ranks, so no need to show it alone.

Sarrut to the left; Graindorge to the right.

 Some notes on basing: The french are in three rows as they really fought, while Luso-British allies are in two rows as you will see.

Sarrut brigade: 2eme Léger, in front, is made of ESCI Imperial Guards bodies with  shakos from their line infantry. The Brigade Co, Gen.Sarrut, is a ESCI figure made out of several parts. To the rear, in column, marches the 36eme de Ligne, HAT figures only.

Merle itself. The  Revell mounted figure from their Imperial coated Grenadiers with added GreenStuff to turn it into a general; orderlie is Italeri.

Graindorge Brigade with the sole 4éme Léger. Zvezda figures and ESCI for Carabiniers. The Brigade Co is a metal figure by Irregular Miniatures.

Santo António do Cântaro Chapel. From this place departed the columns of Sarrut and Graindorge to the heights of the Buçaco mountain.

This model was made in card after many visits to the place. If you want also to build this piece pay attention to the detail of the rear part of the chapel having its right side extended to the left.