Saturday, 22 March 2014

Pineapple Miniatures 1/35th scale - Leal Legião Lusitana, British 52nd light infantry, French infantry - Buçaco1810

ACTA Leal Legião Lusitana made from the British light infantry box. The flags are the generic Dom João VI era flags. 

ACTA 52nd LI (avenge General Moore ...!).

Hat French coated infantry (Voltigeurs and Grenadiers). 

All this at the usual place, Museu Militar do Buçaco. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

DBR- Battle of Mohács 1526 (part 8) 20mm Hungarian household cavalry

Now for some Hungarian just out of the varnish spray.

Most of figures are Miniart Burgundians and French with some Zvezda French knights. 

Here is Ludwig II ahead of his household cavalry in that mad charge against the Ottoman center.

Take a good look at him cause he died some minutes later and may be the last time you see the young king.

In order to have balanced armies I'll make a group each time of Ottomans  and  Hungarians. 

The flags are colour photocopies of the ones I showed you in part 6.

Hungarian cavalry is great and easy to paint (as all Gendarme cavalry type) :

- black spraying
- apply some dry brush steel colour 
- and later aluminium colour. This will make the knights armatures shine and look cooler. 

The Zvezda horses are quite short in height and look a bit silly with its horsemen on top. That is strange for probably the best plastic small scale figure manufacturer ever.

On the contrary Miniart horses are tall and slim but all this mixed together makes a pleasant sight.

Truly speaking the ones I would like to have are the DDS XVI century knights but these suckers have vanished from the market as no shop seems to have them on stock. I think it was Suleyman...

Friday, 14 March 2014

Military Trakai (Lithuania), March 2014

Trakai castle is one of the most important places in Lithuanian history, a sort of Portuguese Guimarães. 

The area is incredibly beautiful and in this cold March the water of the surrounding lakes was frozen and could support the weight of a man in some places.

The eventual escape route for the king of Lithuania if necessary...

There are several maps of the battle of Zalgiris 1410 (Tannenberg) between the Lithuanians and the Teutonic Knights.
Here the Teutonic Knights were smashed and his Grandmaster Ulrich Von Jungingen was killed. 

Vytautas the great, the victor of Zalgiris and one of the most important figures of Lithuanian history.

Spanish influenced corselet. 

An influenced French armature.

A Lithuanian cavalry helmet of clearly (even more) eastern influence.

Lithuanian costume of the XV century.

The castle was destroyed as a retaliation for the 3rd Lithuanian attempt of taking Moscow (???). What today can be seen is a very well done reconstitution.

A late medieval bombard used mainly as a siege weapon.

Monday, 3 March 2014

DBR- Battle of Mohács 1526 (part 7) - 20mm Ottoman and Hungarian flags

The first group are some Ottoman flags for the Suleyman years taken from the web after a research by OB ( no she is not from Brigada Tripeira, she is Galatasaray).

The first is the Ottoman Battle flag; the other ones with the red field are the State flag and the green are generic Ottoman. 

The quality of the printing will not be the best as the phone camera resolution is not a great thing. 

If you want the real stuff send me an email to and I'll gladly send you the file.

The 1st page of Hungarian flags are suitable for the cavalry and are hand painted with acrylic, hence the scrubby look.  

The isolated flag in the next picture is the Ottoman Solak flag and should be used in a cruciform pole.

The next group of Hungarian flags already include some for the infantry, namely the last two which can be used for the Landsknecht.

After resizing you may print them at your will. Hope they can be useful.