Saturday, 31 December 2011

Rapid Fire! 20mm Painted Bronekaters

Finally I managed to paint the the Bronekaters....
I used web info for that purpose. Colours aren´t probably the most accurate but the final result is acceptable.

First, car spray all over.

Acrylic Vallejo colours were used. Nothing special, just the ones I had around: Panzer Grey; Lutwaffe Blue and Light Blue.

The flags were hand painted as well as everything else in that "wargaming  style" were we start from dark to lighter colours, drybrushing mostly.

The figures are German WWII Preiser, painted to look as soviet sailors.

The deck was painted with GW colours.

The river water was painted used the darkest green I had , followed by GW Snot Green drybrushing. The  angle between the boat and the water was painted black. In the end a little of yellow and white was drybrushed over the black to simulate waves.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Rapid Fire! 20mm scratchbuilt Bronekater

Some time ago JF (Jorge Faria) of Brigada Tripeira placed some nice photos of his resin 1/144 Bronekater, which oppened my appetite for a 1/72nd scale one. Beautiful painted kit with an even more beautiful river ... You must see it at the Brigada tripeira site.

In this month MW (344) Andrew Hubback (MW publisher) placed a nice scratchbuilt Bronekater. However Andrew´s gunboat is a generic one - he warned about that in the article- and I intended  to do something more historical.

So Internet showed me some very nice MIG 1/72nd and 1/35th scale and Boltaction 28mm Bronekaters, besides fantastic b/w photos and articles and those scratchbuilt and beautifully detailed 1/25th scale that even float and sail! Just surf  the net and all you need is there.

So several options emerged. I chose Styrofoam as a base for the hull and plasticard (Evergreen ) for other parts.

 Size was decided (31cm X 6,5cm). Then the generic shape both in styrofoam and Evergreen. Two T-34 turrets - one Zvezda T-34/43  and another Matchbox T-34/42- were placed inside a plastic ring of unknown origin.

The command house is a simple Evergreen box shaped to size .

A few days later everything was ready.

One of the Bronekaters had a rear exposed 76,2 mm gun (45 mm I read somewhere?), intirely scratchbuilt and based in a solo b/w photo of a parked Bronekater.

The other one had a Katiushka rocket system taken from the Altaya model. The truck will be useful elsewhere. The deck T-28 turrets were adapted ex-Matchbox Honey turrets given to me by JF.

The anchors were made with Artesania Latina stuff.

The surplus parts of two Matchbox Flower class Corvettes were used for the engine deck.

The small T-28 turrets on top of the command house were made of  two-part cement. All weapons systems have small pegs so the turrets can turn.

There are very few details on the deck floor as exaust tubing, etc would hinder movement to the naval infantry figures these gunboats are supposed to carry from time to time.

 The bases are PVC sheets with plaster mixed with PVA glue to simulate water. The sides of the gunboats were sanded and given some coats of PVA.

Next is painting.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Rapid Fire! Lord Lovat Special Service Brigade in Sword beach 6 June 1944

  Here they come:  at 0820 Lord Lovat 4 commando hit the beach in front of the Riva-Bella casino.

The true casino had nothing to do with that magnificent building portrayed in "The Longest Day" film.
Instead the germans destroyed the area in front of the casino looking at the sea, the casino itself,  and fortified the place.

 Sentry Models has or had the film version on sale which is a lovely piece.

I based this scratchbuilt complex in "D-Day Then and Now", a two book study of the battle which is probably one of the best on the subject. It has only a few far away photos of the complex, so some items are not historically correct. Obviously the lovely photos on Colin Rumford Rapid Fire! D-Day were of great help to scale down the building.

On top of the complex I placed this resin Flak open emplacement that I bought for something else  (I don´t remember the manufacturer, any help?) which from the photos seems to have been the model used on the true fortification.

The Casino included a 75mm of French origin. In this case a simple tubing of Evergreen on a carved hard styrofoam.

The SS brigade was modelled from the Esci; Revell and Matchbox British infantry boxes.

Lord Lovat was made out of the helmeted Esci officer with a Nato Matchbox Paratrooper beret.

Bagpiper  Bill Millin was modelled in three parts: head from a somewhere bereted figure, the body from Esci 8th army bagpiper and legs from another Esci figure.

LCI (s).

Everything was built on the sturdy side an inspiration I received from the Britannia Miniatures style.

The LCI (s) were made in various materials after seeing many photos of the vessel: card, plasticard, wood, etc.

The late Dave Howitt from Britannia Miniatures sent me these metal AA Oerlikons. I miss talking to him on the phone, he seemed a very nice person as he was always patient bearing with me. A great hug to you wherever you are. It was a very sad day for me when I read you were gone.

The bridge officers were taken from various Airfix kits and the Matchbox Flower Class Corvette.

 Some of the berets were cutted and burned helmets modelled with the fingers while hot and melting.

Now for some support: Revell Cromwell turned a Centaur CS with scratchbuilt 95mm gun and Britannia figure.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rapid Fire! 1/72nd 8th Army armour El alamein

Bishop (Esci) with added trailer (Esci 25pdr) and bins. The commander is an Esci modern soft plastic figure with his arm lowered.

PC: the photos are dark because most attacks during the El alamein campaign were made in night time... just for you to know.

This Crusader 2Pdr is a Armourfast double kit with added stowage and Bessa and Esci crewman.

Armourfast Crusader II mixed with Altaya.

The Crusaders III 6pdr are Hasegawa.

Airfix Matilda with crewman made out of an Esci torso and Valiant head.

Matildas from Airfix, Altaya and Fujimi.

Hasegawa Grant.

Left Row are Hasegawa and Altaya ; right row are 1/76 scale Airfix.

Hasegawa Honey.

The Honey on the top is a Matchbox 1/76 scale kit, with Britannia metal crewman´s head.

Altaya Bedford portee 6 pdr with Esci 25 pdr artilleryman.