Wednesday, 25 May 2011

DAK in 20mm / 1/72nd scale / 1/76th scale

The Afrifa Korps in 20mm. In this photo there is the 8th Pz Regiment from 15 PD: Armorfast models; Matchbox; Esci and an Altaya FAMO.

The Sdkfz 251 from Armorfast,one transformed for the command version.

Lighter tanks for the 5th Pz Regiment/ 5th leichte/21PD. Mainly ESCI.

Softskins. Everything is Altaya.

Pzjager I. All ESCI.

MarderIII. From Milicast. Don´t buy them single as they stay expensive.You can buy a pack of 3 for less than 30 pounds. Still expensive, but not far from some plastic kits, and very good quality.

The man itself on Greif...

AA. Hasegawa and Altaya (heavily transformed).

Late Panzer III and IV. A little bit of everything, including Matchbox.

88mm AA/AT guns. Hasegawa, Airfix and Altaya. 21 PD developed a way to fire is 88 from its carriages.

105mm FK. Altaya. Crews from everywhere.

LWS(Altaya) ready to assault Tobruk.

37mm PAK. Hat and ESCI.

105 mm FG from Revell and Altaya.

50mm Pak. Altaya transformed 75mm.

76,2 mm soviet guns from Hat. 90 leichte used a good number of them.

One Infantry battalion. Esci, Atlantic, Airfix copies (they are bigger than the originals, so "true" 1/72 scale); Revell and some SHQ.

Another infantry battalion.

Stuka (Airfix).

Me 110 (Airfix).

Me 109 (Airfix).

I want to say a great obrigado to José Miguel Mendes who send me loads of excellent information on this desert campaign. Without him this work would have been almost impossible.

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  1. Espectáculo.

    Só falta mesmo o Rommel e o seu AEC ACV "Dorchester" e claro os Italianos..-:)