Sunday, 12 June 2011

20mm Hannibal´s army, Cannae 216 BC

Now for the Hannibal´s carthaginian army in 20mm- 1/72nd scale. Most of the figures are Hat, Italeri and Revell but there are also many metal Newline Design and even some 15mm Irregular Miniatures that look like 20mm as they are large castings . The figures above are the gauls, with some stands still missing for the full DBM battle order.

The spanish scutarii.

The Spanish caetrati.

The Balearic slingers.

Hannibal on his Belleus, Maharbal and some of his body guards (all Newline Design).

The Numidian light infantry.

The Lybian Phalanx .

The Numidian cavalry.

The Gaul cavalry.

The Spanish cavalry.

The elephants (Hat).

The elephants (Newline Design).

The battle order for Cannae, Cartaginian side. Light infantry forward; gauls and spanish heavies forward with the shape of a bow to absorb the roman 16(!) legions who always went for the center; the cavalry and the Lybian phalanxes to turn the flanks and rear of the romans: 50.000 dead romans in six hours!

The "bow" in a slightly better shape.

If you want go for my previous article on the roman side (8th of June 2011).


  1. Está um "Espetaculo, colossal".

    Penso que só faltam "os animais domésticos, selvagens e demais roedores afins"...-:)

    Já me estão a acabar os adjetivos para apreciar o teu trabalho, pelos vistos vou ter de começar a inventar ou criar uns novos.


  2. Vou ver se consigo arranjar umas "velinhas" para te emprestar, para ver se consegues iluminar mais as fotos.
    Pedro Casimiro

  3. Very impressive army! I am working on a (smaller) Carthaginian army at the minute