Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Rapid Fire! Battalion Huebner Ramcke Brigade El Alamein 1942

 Last ones:
This is the Battalion Hubner from Oberst Ramcke Bgde. At least this is my lazy interpretation of this soldiers as they had a much more varied equipment and clothing. But as I am doing all 4 battalions and support units I had to find an easy way to do them all. And painting all with the same basic uniform is easier.

 The figures serving the MMG and mortar (Valiant), the AT gun (Esci), etc are mainly conversions. All figures are Esci and Revell. There are also some smaller 1/76 Airfix , but these have Esci heads to scale them up.

Mixed and matched figures. Some are full conversions, other only have a new feldmutze, the majority are out of the box figures.

You can see a lonely Flamethrower in the middle, which is one more conversion from Esci Green Devils legs and Revell pioneer torso.


  1. João Pedro, I just found your blog through an unrelated image search on Google.

    I can't believe I never saw your blog before.

    You have a huge collection of stuff in 1/72 scale and wanted to congratulate you on such a great job.

  2. Aqui ficam mais umas "kind words": olha lá, quando é que aprendes a pôr aqui umas fotos de jeito, carago? Achas que malta consegue ver alguns pormenores das figuras, hein?

  3. Este gajo não existe, porra para ele!!
    Com ou sem pormenor, está fantástico.