Saturday, 31 December 2011

Rapid Fire! 20mm Painted Bronekaters

Finally I managed to paint the the Bronekaters....
I used web info for that purpose. Colours aren´t probably the most accurate but the final result is acceptable.

First, car spray all over.

Acrylic Vallejo colours were used. Nothing special, just the ones I had around: Panzer Grey; Lutwaffe Blue and Light Blue.

The flags were hand painted as well as everything else in that "wargaming  style" were we start from dark to lighter colours, drybrushing mostly.

The figures are German WWII Preiser, painted to look as soviet sailors.

The deck was painted with GW colours.

The river water was painted used the darkest green I had , followed by GW Snot Green drybrushing. The  angle between the boat and the water was painted black. In the end a little of yellow and white was drybrushed over the black to simulate waves.


  1. These are absolutely fantastic!

  2. Thanks mate, sorry...Matt (you are probably used to this joke.

  3. Excelente JP.Começas bem o ano, ou melhor terminas o ano em Grande..-:)

    Espero tenhas tido umas boas Festas.


  4. Carago! Desta vez até as fotos saíram bem!