Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Impetus Baroque, 20mm - Portuguese War of Restoration, 1640-1668. Part 2 -First two Portuguese Squadrons/Terços

This is the first Terço units made for Impetus. I made two esquadrões prolongados as they were apparently more used in the second half of the XVII century. 

The Impetus Baroque rules want big bases and these ones are 12cm x 8 cm. The Tercio base should be a 12cm square but the shape of Tercio could also be the prolongado.

The pike squadron has on both sides the arquebusiers with a total of 6 pikes, 3 command figures and 12 arquebusiers. 

This white flag was used in each squadron by the time of Montes Claros as was the green flag in the beginning of the conflict (so called "Restoration flag").

Some figures had a lot of X-Acto cuts and lighter flame on them. Of course some lost their beautiful design but in the middle of three ranks the damage can hardly be seen.

Two squadrons up to now.  I intend to make all units, both Portuguese and Spanish, present at the battle of  Montes Claros (1665) one of the last of the war and the biggest.

Next: Spanish and Landsknecht serving Spain. Latter on, English and French serving (and being served of) Portugal.


  1. Splendid work, I always like a new period that can build on existing figures

  2. Parabéns, belíssimas figuras e bandeiras! A médio/longo prazo irei postar o meu projecto "Restauração" em 28mm (tenho as caixas Revell 1/72 em standby há anos...! ) Cumprimentos!

  3. Obrigado. Se não estiver a pensar em pintar essas caixas da Revell, posso comprar-lhas?

    1. Ainda não perdi a esperança, estão em lista de espera :)

  4. Caixas da guerra dos 30 anos da Revell tenho um total de 25 entre inf cav e art mas também nunca perco a esperança :)