Monday, 27 April 2015

RapidFire! 20mm - Pz Sfl II for Rommel Kampfstaffel - El Alamein 1942,part 1.

In the next 3 articles I will show you my way to make the model of the Pz Sfl II in 20mm. I couldn't find any kit of this model in 1/72nd or 1/76th scale so only  scratchbuilding remained as the solution.

As there was only two built, one model is more than enough for the DAK and Rommel's Kampfstaffel.

I´ve been looking at the wheels and tracks of the very strange and big Atlantic Kettenkraftrad for many years, after using their quite a lot of their seated German soldiers and even some MG´s. As a compulsive buyer of these old kits I have several of them. One day I was expecting for these material to become useful.
The web presents some 1/35th kits of the real machine and also some scratchbuilding both in 1/35th and (apparently) 20mm but i'm not sure of the last one as the site was in Japanese which is not my best foreign langauge.
Write "Pz Sfl II" or "hkp 902 chassis" ( the base of the vehicle) in your search engine for lots of information.

Use some Evergreen and hard Styrofoam for the chassis. Glue or drill the parts. I did both for strengthening.

A plate of Evergreen is used as the top part of the chassis and modelled as you can see.

The top part of the chassis needs careful planning as it needs to house a number of features.

The turret need to pivot. This is the bottom part...

...and this one is the top part.

It starts to look like the real thing.

The shape of the turret is quite tricky. In order to avoid too many calculations I use flexible paper card for essays and only after the Evergreen card.
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