Thursday, 30 June 2016

Rapid Fire! Contemporary Russian Wars in 1/72nd scale - Russian airforce

Altaya SU-25

Having used most of the plastic model kits of USSR/Russian warplanes for the Iraqi airforce I'm using Die-cast models for the modern Russian Airforce. Most will be Altaya both from Aircraft or Helicopter current collection.

These models are just great. You just need to glue a few parts and they are ready to fly. Of course you may not get the right camouflage for a determined conflict but the Russian army I'm building also covers a wide period of time of some 20 years (1996-2016, and when next January comes a new year starts).

Altaya MIG-29

Altaya SU-27

Altaya MIG-31

Some of these aircraft are really big as you can see from the standing 1/72nd scale pilot.

The only major addition to all models are sitting pilots which Die-cast generally don't have. 

Easy Model and Altaya KA-50

The two lighter colored Hokum are Easy Model while the one in the center is Altaya. The Altaya model doesn't bring any rocket pods so I had to use the spare box. 

The Hokum was first used in Chechnya in 1999 and it looks to have performed pretty well. 

The Altaya model is heavier with metal parts while the Easy Models are entirely plastic and more detailed. I bought the Model Easy a few years ago for 15 euros, so they may be nowadays a little bit more expensive while the current Altaya helicopters are 14 euros in Portugal which just one hour ago defeated Poland and its in the half-finals of the Euro 2016 using 10 players formed in the MİGHTY SPOOORTİNG !!!! Sİİİİİİİİİİ......


  1. Those are nice- will keep an eye out for them myself.



  2. Thanks Pete. And they are already built and are even less expensive than normal kits.