Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Rapid Fire! Spanish Civil War in 1/72nd scale - Early Republican aircraft

Now for some aircraft of the SCW. The village of Dos Casas is again the setting and the local inhabitants must be thrilled about all this crazy activity in their, until now, quiet place. 

All these models are plastic and some have resin parts. Fortunately the fiddly resin parts are mostly for the interiors and were discarded by painting the windshields. No decals on any of them as I prefer to paint the symbols. Paint always sit on the place we want, well, more or less. 

This is the Lockheed Orion from Special Hobby. Only some 3 were used by the Republicans, one of them Mg armed. The plastic is a bit rude and it has some resin parts to compensate. What doesn't compensate is the price which is too high for the quality of the plastic. But it was easily available at my local hobby shop and when you have the fever it really doesn't matter? Right...? (please say yes...).

The Letov S.231 (KP model) was a bit more common with some 17 flying for the Republicans.

The Nieuport 52 (Azur model) was license built in Spain. Some 56 were active when the Spanish Civil War broke out. 

The Fokker F.VII (Valom Model) was a rare bird also. I regret having built and painted it in this postman look as there was a much nicer version with a Mg in central fuselage which made it more menacing.