Saturday, 28 July 2018

Rapid Fire! Sdkfz 263 conversion from the Airfix Sdkfz 234

This post happens after a massive entering of requests for me to show how I made the Sdkfz 263 of last post (thanks Macota for asking...).
The basis is the quite strange Airfix 243 without the long mudguards of the later version. As you have a relatively useless vehicle you can use the 75mm PAK and scratchbuild the true version on a surplus Matchbox hull or try a Sdkfz 263 (or both...).
The general idea is simple: you start from the bottom of the hull piling up plasticard vertical small structures in the turret area (the one that really matters) until you are satisfied.
Then you add details:  on the original mudguards, on the turret, etc, up to the level you want. I always prefer thicker and sturdier details than flimsy if more accurate ones.
The turret should have been some two millimeters thinner at the top. The pick and shovels, lights and Mg are scratchbuilt.
The extra wheel is Atlantic and the main antenna is Matchbox coming from the Sdkfz 261. The star antenna is scratchbuilt.
The end result is good enough for me. As a one go model you can built it easily and correct some faults in the process. Hope it helps, Macota.
Next: Pz Lehr for Mortain as I told you before.


  1. Wonderful conversion.

    I have the old Skytrex model serving with Kradschutzen-10 in Tunisia :)

  2. Your 10thPD is a hell of a project. One day I also want to do it.

  3. Thanks Bluewillow. Now back to finish Germans at Mortain.