Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Age of Eagles (AoE) - 1810 Battle of Bussaco in 20mm (part 5) - Marchand's Division

This post starts Ney's 6th Corps. Its first Division was Marchand's, with three Line and one Legére regiments. 
The figures are mostly Hat with the Légere made out of old Esci figures. 

The 6e Legére is the Esci regiment. This figures are famous for being beautifully sculpted but inaccurate if you want to show Line or Legére units due to the short tail coats. The Porte Aigle is an Italeri figure from the 2nd box. The Grenadier company has new heads also from Esci and the Voltigeurs have Esci Hussar heads with a slight cut at the top. 

The 76e de ligne is Hat with some colourful Drummers for the sake of variety. 

The Tête de Colonne of the 39e de Ligne includes two sappers from Esci besides the usual Hat figures. 

The brigade and division commanders stands are conversions. The one to the left is the Italeri officer from the 2nd box with legs from Esci. Marchand is the AWI American officer with a StreletsR head and detail in GreenStuff. The figure on the right is a composition from a StreletsR head, torso from Italeri and legs from Esci. 

Next: yes, that's it, Mermet's division. 


  1. A fabulous collection with so many conversions (head swaps) to get the correct look.

  2. Gosto muito da primeira imagem. As cores das tropas cmbinam mesmo bem com o cenario e terreno. Gabraço

  3. Tudo culpa da criação. Nada a fazer.