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Rapid Fire! France 1940 in 20mm - Dragons Portés for the DLM from LesArméesOubliés and a few other

A group of Dragons Portés leave the woods of Maison Terrifique to take positions by the road...

LesArméesOubliés is a French brand made by Guilhem, an extraordinary talented sculptor who already has plenty of stuff for French 1940 and Foreign Legion 1942. I decided to have a go at them and forget for a while my own conversion talents, undeniable as you well know, but not always enough!

If you buy a set of Dragons Portés from LesArméesOubliés you get a set of 32 beautifully sculpted figures, all different and very well researched. Some have the capote, others the vareuse and a few have goggles. I added a few more goggles mainly as a way to make an even more distinct unit from the regular infantry. This can be easily made with tiny blobs of EverGreen modelled with a toothpick.

These are the command figures. I added radios to two of them.

As you can see the figures are very realistic and well proportioned.

Also from Guilhem came four Hotchkiss MMG's (the other one is on the 2nd picture) that he converted from the Pegasus  set. Not a single figure is the same as another and goggles were well made by Guilhem with the GreenStuff + toothpick technique. 

After finishing the Lafflys S20TL I needed more Dragons Portés. I already have a battalion of Chasseurs Portés (with a different uniform) for a DCR and a regiment of Dragons Portés for a DLC but the organic of the Dragons Portés of the DLM is different.

This was the original DLM regiment, an all plastic unit before the arrival of the miniatures from Les Armées Oubliés.

It ended with half of the figures in metal from LesArméesOubliés, Pegasus conversions and StreletsR plus some Hat miniatures for the heavy weapons with a few other conversions.

The StreletsR are from the WW1 French summer box. They suit well the Dragons Portés of 1940 if you cut slightly the Lebel rifle (and bayonet) for it to look like a MAS1936.

In this company you can see the extra goggles made for half of the figures, the VB grenade launcher (figure to the left, ordering to advance) and in the far right stand the Chauchat turned into the M.29 LMG with some cuts and bits of EverGreen.

Command sections for the battalions, mostly Hat with scratchbuilt radios and two figures with the Bonnet de Police from StreletsR. The one pointing has a pair of Fujimi binoculars hanging from the neck.

The 60mm mortars are scratchbuilt and have Hat figures.

The same for the 81mm mortars. The Hat French artillery box is very useful for other small weapons and even its officer can be used in many ways as shown in the command sections. 

These six Hotchkiss MMG's are scratchbuilt in this way:
- the body and weapon of the firer are BlueStuff copies of the StreletsR Foreign Legion.
- The tube of the gun has a pin inside for extra strenght.
- the head is a copy from EWM.
- the other two crewmen are Hat French artillerymen. 

Next: More Napoleonic for Bussaco 1810.

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