Sunday, 12 January 2020

Age of Eagles (AoE) - Bussaco 1810 in 20mm (part 17) - The three Portuguese Independent Brigades

The three Portuguese Independent Brigades form up on the reverse western slope of the Serra of Bussaco before occupying its positions for the battle (this is of course bullshit, as they were spread in the Sula part of the Battlefield making its picture difficult to get). 

Campbell's Brigade had Infantaria 6, Infantaria 18 and Caçadores 6.

Typical of many of my Portuguese figures I used the bodies of Esci French with British heads like here in Infantaria 18. These were made before Emhar produced proper Portuguese infantry.

Coleman's Brigade (Infantaria 19, Infantaria 7 and Caçadores 2) are mostly Hat Belgians and Revell British with a proper paint job. The Caçadores here are Revell Riflemen bodies with British Waterloo infantry.

Pack's  Brigade  (Infantaria 1, Infantaria 16 e Caçadores 4) is more of the same Esci conversions and Hat and Revell figures. 

Some of the Caçadores in these three Brigades have Russian and French Esci bodies and heads from Esci Scots Grey as I intended to show the covered barretina.

Next: wether some DAK reinforcements  or Allied artillery and cavalry for Bussaco. 


  1. Great stuff mate

    Very productive start to the year


  2. Made years ago. Only now it was posted. Thanks for the kind worlds.