Friday, 24 April 2020

Impetus Baroque- Mohacs 1526 - All arms Hungarian reinforcements

Another batch of Hungarians finished. The Hungarian CP stands are now 11 and I'm done with heavy cavalry. Archers and Crossbows are also done with 2 and 4 stands each. At the moment there are 20 Impetus stands for this army but still I need another 20 for more Armati stands and to start the Clipeati (with those big tasty pavises), Hussars, Hungarian CL, Landsknecht and some heavier artillery.

The CP are RedBox and Miniart. The only addition was a plastic card shield of Hungarian design. 

I placed as much Hungarian heraldry as I could find but still this group looks like many European heavy cavalry of Early Renaissance. 

I made two Ribaudequins from EverGreen plastics and old wheels from the tail of the Airfix Mark I WWI tank.

The crewmen are converted RedBox figures. 

The Hungarian army had some 85 pieces of artillery ( against 300 Ottoman) at Mohacs so I still need to find a few more artilley pieces of an heavier type. 


The spears at the top of the artifact are made of stretched sprue. 

The archers are RedBox from the Men-At-Arms and Retinue box. The flag is a colour photocopy of my own hand painted designs.

These are the Armati from the same box with a flag given to me by Stephen Sheard.

Next: with the arrival of a batch of new Minigeneral models its time to go back to France 1940.


  1. Interesting work as always JP, lots to contemplate

  2. JP your conversion work is very creative. I love it. It appears to me that you glue your heavy cavalry to its gaming base then paint them from there. Do I have that right? I have given that idea a lot of thought but never tried it.

  3. Yes Paul you are right. After gluing them they are black sprayed with Krylon plastic fusion and then metal painted with strokes from bottom to top and then some aluminium highlights the edges. This makes 80% of them, then other colours follow. For other minis of other periods sometimes they are painted outside their final stands. It depends of the complexity of colours. But generally I paint everything directly on the final base also for a time saving measure.

  4. Looking at your figures I see they have some "Space" around them. I have packed my figures on their gaming base so closely it wouldn't give me much room to paint them in your way. But I do like the idea.

  5. By packing them together (i do that with napoleonics) you just nned to prime them carefully in black. Some "shadow"/black will be seen, the rest are lots of detail and those will really pop out.